Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl = Worst Food Since Beginning

Tonight has officially been the worst food night since I have begun.  Yet....somehow it still doesn't compare to how bad it probably was in Superbowls past.  I knew what I was cooking for dinner, which wasn't going to be too bad, but I really wanted some kind of snack for the big game.  It had been a long time since I've had any type of "dip"...and it's what I was craving for tonight. 

Despite my efforts to make it "less bad" it still had more calories than anything else I've eaten in some time.  In a crock pot I used 2% Velveeta cheese, 8 oz of fat free sour cream, turkey sausage crumbles, and some jalapeno peppers.  Used baked tostitos as well.  That's about as healthy as I can make unhealthy look.

We did go to our favorite Mexican restaurant after church today, El Senor, for lunch.  I mentioned last week that I recently added up the calories for what I always got when we went.  Thinking it wasn't too terribly bad for me, it ended up being about 1,300 calories...OUCH!  Went a different route today and got it down to about 700 calories.  That's still quite a bit more than what I normally have for lunch, but at least I found something closer to what I'd like to be around (500 calories). 

For dinner tonight I baked chicken tenderloins.  Had a little BBQ and Honey Mustard dipping sauce.  They were pretty good and Jenn really enjoyed them.  About 500 calories here.

Gonna have to hold it down this week and make sure I stay on track.  Everyone keeps telling me that a day like this has to happen once in a while, otherwise you start to "lose it" over time.  I gotta tell ya....I can feel the difference right now from eating more than I normally have been.  Hope that full feeling goes away soon.

Alright...back to the Superbowl....7 minutes left.

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