Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight Update's now been over a week since my last post.  I've regretted not posting more often, because there are so many great things I'd like to share.  Unfortunately, I will probably not get to it all tonight. 

Late last week (Thursday) I started to get sick and progressively got worse.  By Friday I needed to go to the Dr.  Starting to get a sinus infection, so they put me on a Z-Pack.  Glad to say I caught early and I'm starting to feel better. 

Despite feeling awful, Jenn and I had made plans to go out for Valentine's on Friday night.  We went to Olive Garden and I had checked the menu ahead of time to try and make a good choice.  They have a special dish right now called Pear Gorganzola Ravioli.  It was 800 calories so that was good.  The one breadstick and salad pushed me just over the 1,000 calorie mark.  Needless to say, that was a bit much for what I like at dinner, but compared to many of their other dishes, not to bad.  They had salmon, which had some fewer calories, but I needed a break from that.

On Saturday we took Benjamin to the circus and had an amazing time!  He went with a friend who he hasn't seen in a long time so that was really fun for him.  Was happy that I left without partaking in any snacks.  However, part of the reason is because I was not very good at breakfast.  We were in a hurry so we made the stop at McDonalds.  I ended up with a sausage burrito (300 calories) and a yogurt parfait (160 calories).  Not absolutely terrible, but way over my typical 200 calories during the week. 

On Sunday night we went to our church, which was hosting a Valentine's Dinner and we went to that.  They played the "Not So Newlywed Game", which Jenn and I were one of the 4 couples.  It was hillarious and we had a great time.  Again, another night were I went over what I would like. 

Tonight for dinner I made something that really looked quite unhealthy, but when I added it all up I was only at 400 calories, which is great.  I found 96% lean ground beef and had 8oz (260 calories) 3 slices of center cut bacon (70 calories) one piece of 2% american cheese (50 calories) ketchup, jalepenos, mushrooms (20 calories). 

There is no doubt that the weekends are the hardest, I love the routine of the week and work keeps me so busy I don't worry to much about trying to snack.  Hopefully as the weather gets warmer I can get out on the weekends and get a little more exercise.  I think if I was able to exercise more I'd see even quicker results. to address the title of tonight's entry.  When I went to the Dr. on Friday I decided to step on the scale and get an up-to-date and accurate reading.  I hate getting on the scale, so much so, that I think they put a note in my chart saying not to ask me.  I'm happy to report that I have now lost 26 lbs.  I am now at 290lbs.  To be honest I was really hoping to be around 285lb.  but I know that the lack of exercise I have been able to put in prevented me from getting there.  It was hard to be too disappointed though so I'm gonna keep truckin' along.  I now have 40lbs. to reach my goal by July 7th.  That's about 8 lbs. a month and I feel like that's more than realistic.  Not going to get to excited, but gosh if I could get some quality exercise in maybe I'll even lose more than 40 lbs. by then. 

Alright, well I'm going to try and get better than 1x/week, but we shall see. post, my anxiety with my trip to NY this coming weekend.  The source of many of my eating/nutrition problems from when I was a kid.  I've already called my mom and told her to pick me up some fiber one bars and almonds. 

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