Sunday, January 23, 2011

Changes in the Foods I Eat Part III (Dinner)

Dinner has probably been the worst meal for me in the past.  It wasn't always because of what I ate, but how much I ate.  I enjoy cooking so I would often cook for us.  Some of the things I enjoy cooking are spaghetti, burritos using ground chicken, and chili, and garlic and cheese mashed potatoes.  You wouldn't think those are meals that are terrible for you...if you ate what would be a normal serving.  The other problem with dinner is that we enjoy eating out and that's just a nightmare.  It's easy to eat what tastes good and not worry about what's healthy when you go out to eat. 

The last problem with dinner is when I eat.  Obviously the later you eat dinner, the worse it is for you.  I contribute this to growing up in a house where it was very typical to eat, and not the healthiest meals, at 8 or 9 o'clock. 

Changes I've Made: The biggest change I have made is how much I eat.  I try hard to limit home-cooked meals to one serving.  When we go out I try to look at the menu ahead of time and find something within an acceptable calorie range.  If Salmon is an option I almost always get that now and it's usually served with some vegetable. 

My one weakness is Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love chicken wings!!!  Again, the difference is how many wings I eat and not using any ranch or blue cheese.  I loves "sauces" but have realized that there are a ton of calories in things like ranch dressing and blue cheese.  It was a bit of an adjustment, but I've made it and now it's all about moderation. 

Snacking at Night:

As I mentioned earlier two of my worst night-time snacks were ice cream and chips and queso.  Too tired to look up calories for these things, but it's a given that they were through the roof.

Changes I've Made:

My favorite snack now is frozen mixed fruit with a little sweetner on top and a little milk.  Thanks to my wife for introducing me to this a long time ago.  This night-time snack is about 130 calories and I would say frozen fruit and a little milk are much more healthy, in terms of nutrients, then ice cream, chips, and queso.

Alright....that's all for now.  I've shared the major changes I have made in the foods I eat on any given day!  To read it is amazing to myself. 

Jenn asked me what I was going to blog about next and I'm really not sure, but I know it will come to me.  I do have my next post ready to go, but will probably wait to share until tomorrow. 

See you then!

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