Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's been a crazy couple of days

This is a great image because THIS IS HOW I FEEL the last couple of days!  Didn't make a post last night because I was in bed by 9 PM!  Work has been crazy the last few days and next week is looking just as crazy. 

So...what's the connection to this journey I'm on? the past, weeks like this would be times I was eat more.  I've stayed strong though and have stayed true to what I'm doing. 

My wife called me while I was on my way home and told me she put a lasagna in the oven.  I was excited because I was absolutely starving, but then I thought, "ut oh, how many calories is that going to be?"  I didn't have to many calories during the day so I was feeling okay.

I gotta tell ya...lasagna has never tasted so good.  It ended up being about 650 calories, which is a little high for dinner, but I still managed to be right around my 2000 calories/day.

Still haven't weighed myself recently, but I can definitely see some changes.  I've had to move the belt buckle and my dress shirts are feeling a little looser around the neck.

Time to get to bed....tomorrow is going to be a long day!

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