Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's been a couple of days...

So...what's the deal with the picture of the car?'s the new car I purchased this weekend.  I had been looking for awhile.  I was definitely need in something more reliable and a bit bigger.  It's the Nissan Cube and I'm really liking it.  The shape is a bit funky, but I've gotten use to it.  It was an extremely great deal so it was hard to pass up.'s been a couple of days since I've last post.  I have found that the weekends are the hardest to keep up with this and my efforts as well.  Someone who posted a comment earlier said the same thing; that the weekends are the hardest.  I suppose tonight's post will be a "hodge podge" of things from the last few days.

I'd say the last few days have been the toughest stretch since I have begun and I have been feeling a bit less successful.  I have made a few key changes and hope that will help.  I've bought some more almonds and will continue to use that as a snack.  I also finally purchased some of the Pure Protein I was talking about.  I actually bought it at Target and it was cheaper than Vitamin World.  I got the cookies and cream and it was pretty good.  Definitely very filling and only 130 calories.  It will be a great snack during the day, with great nutrients.  I put in the freezer to get it nice and cold and it was pretty good.  I'm going to try the vanilla next. 

On Saturday Jenn and I went and did our taxes, which went well.  We're looking forward to a decent return and are really looking forward to me installing our hardwood laminate in the living in March and our new furniture that will be coming in March as well ( new living set and dining room table and chairs).  We would really like to put a fence in the back yard so the kids (and dog) can play and run around safely.  We live on the corner of the cul-de-sac with a country highway nearby so we definitely need a fence.  We shall see....

After we did our taxes we went to Applebees for lunch, which may be my new favorite place to go out to eat because of their 550 calories or less menu.  I got the steak and shrimp with broccoli and red potatoes....all for 500 calories.  Perfect example of how it's not necessarily what you eat, but how much (all about portion control).

Later Saturday afternoon I went to the Nissan dealership to take a look at what was there.  I had no intention of leaving with something that night.  I really wanted Jenn and the kids to go with me, but it ended up better that they didn't because I was there quite a long time. 

With the excitement, and stress, of my new purchase I stopped by my "weakness" Buffalo Wild Wings" and didn't do very well.  I suppose everyone has a night like that, but I've got to be honest, this morning I did not feel very good physically and I definitely didn't feel good emotionally about eating too much. 

Rather than go with my regular eggs and toast this morning I opted for just a fiber one bar.  This was quite a few less calories than the eggs and toast.  I figured I really needed to watch today closely since I didn't do well last night.

For Lunch we went to our favorite "after church" place.  El Senor.  It's great and What I get isn't to bad.  It probably has a few more calories than what I would normally have at lunch.  Again, the weekends are so much harder because of that lack of routine that I have during the week.

For dinner I had stuffed talapia that I bought at the store.  It was alright, but I will definitely be sticking to salmon as my fish of choice.  I'll probably have my frozen fruit with some splenda and milk for a little snack tonight.

Looking forward to getting back into my routine of the week, but it's definitely going to be a hectic week.  Principal is going to be out 1/2 day Monday, all of Tuesday and Wednesday, and a 1/2 day Friday.  I hope all will go relatively smoothly.  There's just a lot to get done so I'll be keeping quite busy.

Alright....well that's it for now!  Here's to a great night of sleep!

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  1. Tad, It's good to have a "Free Day" once a week so you don't binge when u get frustrated. I found that it helps me get thru the next week. And as long as u don't go hog wild, it doesn't have much of an effect on ur body.
    Have u heard about the book called "The Insulin Resistant Diet"? It's not really a diet book, it explains how to keep ur insulin levels constant so you don't get the high and lows which spike hunger. If u want the Author's name let me know. 2 in my family and a few of friends are either insulin dependent or have ot monitor thier insulin levels with diet. So I wanted to pass this on to you. The book has a test in the front to let the reader know if they are headed toward being insulin dependent.
    Glad u are doing well.
    I too fell off the wagon - donuts this morning - but am planing on eating much better the rest of the week.
    Have a great day, pack snacks for ur hectic week ahead of time. And thanks for the post!