Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is this my "Ah Ha" moment?

This is a deviation from my 3 part series on changes I have made in what I eat.  I will make that post about changes to dinner later tonight or tomorrow...depends on how tired I get.

This post comes from the sermon at church today.  We go to Wendell United Methodist Church.  Our Pastor, Ellen, focused on moments in her life that she called "Ah Ha" moments.  The scripture came from Matthew Chapter 4.  Anyhow, she shared two moments in her life where she realized that there was a higher power; something to help her see the bigger picture and purpose in her life.  Ellen...if you're reading please feel free to add some comments if I have mis-spoken. 

As I was listening I was thinking about it and found myself asking if this journey I have begun is my "Ah Ha" moment.  Is this what the Lord has helped me to commit to, in order that I may inspire and encourage others?  Or is it His way of showing me that I need to treat my body better and in turn be around longer to support my family?  Perhaps both or perhaps neither.  Maybe there is another reason He hasn't shown me yet.

I do know that I am feeling great and looking forward to continuing the journey.  Thanks Ellen for a great message today!

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