Thursday, January 27, 2011


I gotta tell of the most difficult things about being a state employee is getting paid once a month.  January is always a tough month because we get paid December 17th (last working day of the month and the holidays on top of that) and then we don't get paid again until the end of January.  That's like a month and half.  On top of that it's the same for Jenn. 

Anyhow, we're definitely looking forward to tomorrow.  How does this connect to my journey?  Well....I've realized that eating differently can cost a little more so I'm looking forward to stocking up some healthy meals and snacks.

Speaking of snacks...I took the advice of several of you and purchased some almonds.  Much better snack than some of my other snacks.  They are Blue Diamond habanero bbq.  They're much better than I anticipated.  One serving is about 28 almonds at 170 calories.  About the same calories as the Nature Valley Sweet/Salty bar, only the almonds have much more nutritional value.

My friend Jamie, who I mentioned the other day, let me know about the protein shake she uses.  It's called Pure Protein and you can get it from Vitamin Shoppe.  I imagine you could get it from GNC and other places as well, but at Vitamin Shoppe you can get a 12 pack of shakes for $27.  About $2.25/shake.  That's a little more than you might spend on another snack, but definitely more healthy.  They have several flavors (Vanilla, Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, and Cookies 'n Cream).  I'll definitely be buying some of these. 

Between almonds and protein shakes, I think this is like the next level of this journey.

Looking very forward to the weekend!


  1. Tad,
    For a snack mix/trail mix, since u like it spicy a friend of mine makes his own and saves a bit of green back. It's a nice change up so I don't get tired of eating Almonds all the time. If you'd like the recipe let me know.
    Thanks for sharing the info, I'll have to try the Pure Protein, but could u tell me how it tastes first? I've tried a few others and they either taste bad or give me headaches.
    My Dad used to get paid the same way and I remember how stressed Mom would get towards the end of the month, so I feel for u both.
    U haven't mentioned it yet so I'm going to ask, How's the exercising going? I feel it's important to exercise while eating less to keep ur body from eating muscle - muscle is easier than fat for your body to break down for energy.
    keep up the good work.

  2. Definitely let me know about the recipe...sounds good. I tried the Pure Protein today. I was actually able to get it at Target and it's cheaper than Vitamin World. I tried the Cookies and Cream. I put it in the freezer and it got nice and cold. It was pretty good. Definitely a good "snack" with lots of nutritional value. I'm going to get the Vanilla and see how that is next. Definitely worth a try.

    As far as the's going. Sometimes it's hard, even when I can do it home, but I've not missed too many days. I've been doing some walking/running in our cul-de-sac, so that's been a nice change of pace. I need to do more. I timed myself tonight, so now I have a benchmark and hope to see some improvement.

    Thanks for continuing to follow. How are your efforts going?

  3. Its really good and useful post. Even i take protein shake but i want to change it with some other healthy food drink.