Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinner Tonight...

So tonight was an interesting night when it came to dinner.  I felt pretty good about my day, up until dinner.  I had my typical breakfast: egg beaters with diced jalapeno, dice ham, and cheese, and 1 piece of wheat bread.  All for a total of 270 calories.

Lunch went well too.  Had a cup of cucumbers with a packet of Italian dressing (58 calories) and a smart ones cheesy enchilada (290 calories) for a total of 348 calories.  I had an afternoon snack; my nature valley bar (170 calories) - gonna try and switch my mid-day snack to either mixed nuts or some type of protein drink/shake.

Then came dinner....Stopped by the store and looked for some Salmon, but they didn't have any.  I picked up a pizza for Jenn and the kids.  Food Lion makes a self-rising pizza that is delicious.  When we want something quick and easy we'll pick one of those up.  Not likely after tonight. 

Here's what came out of the oven and I looked at it and it looked and smelled AMAZING!  So I got to thinking...what would happen if I had one piece?  I did the math and it came out to 250 calories.  I couldn't believe it and was so disappointed.  Do you realize that in the past I would eat 3-4 pieces of that.  That's 1000 calories (almost half of what I take in now all day)!

I decided that I would have one piece, to satisfy my temptation and felt okay about 250 calories.  Again, learning about moderation.  I did have a little hodge podge of ground chicken, refried beans, and cheese as well, which was about 500 calories.  750 calories for dinner is a little more than I would like (I like to stay around 500-600). 

However, the good news is that for the day I was around 1600 calories, which is well below my goal of 2000.  On top of that I got a good workout in tonight.  Went out in the cold and did a brisk one mile walk followed by form running.

I'm pretty excited about the form running and am going to make it a regular part of my routine.  This is something I have used as a coach with all my teams.  Here's the routine, and you do it up and back at about 60 ft. High knees, power skip, karaoke, 50% jog, 50% to 100% sprint, 100% to 50% jog, 100% all the way.

Alright...I'm off to write yet another observation.  Good night and I'll be back tomorrow!

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